Bathroom Renovation Services Now Available

By October 31, 2016 December 13th, 2016 Uncategorized

Ideal Kitchen & Bath brings qualified, passionate craftsmanship to the Salt Lake, and Utah County Valley. Owners Clay McNeel and Scott Linton assure their combined 25 years of experience will make your next bathroom renovation live up to your understandably high standards. They aim to go above and beyond your expectations. Many Utahn’s have turned to Scott and Clay, whether they are upgrading a home, or buying a new property.

One key renovation Clay and Scott provides is their bathroom renovation services. The goal of their renovations is to make a perfect blend of substance and style, to accentuate sleek designs, melding them with ease of use a bathroom should have. If your current bathroom is broken down, moldy, clunky, or just plain ugly, IKB can be there to show you possible new options. They are like the generals on the vast, white and bleak battlefield of porcelain. There’s always a better approach to re-designing your new bathroom’s layout.

From Traditional, to modern, to nature-inspired, IKB enjoys taking your ideal vision of your bathroom renovations from concept, to building and construction, to fully furnished. There’s a unique thrill that only a bathroom renovation can bring. What displeases you about your bathroom? Is it the toilet roller, hanging there sadly? Or is it the divot in the granite top, that never was deep enough to hold a bar of soap?

Their signature services include Craftsman, Traditional, and Modern designs, stripped right from the best examples of current and influential design elements. The Craftsman series emphasizes the modern and the slick, impressive colloquial designs that evoke the unique feeling of the city life. Traditional designs provides a rustic, but clean finish to designs of yore. The Modern designs bring the best of today’s smooth, unified, and clean-cut concepts to the fore.

What if you have a really ‘out there’ concept? IKB will accommodate that too. You may want a retro-theme, a distinct color palette, a particular wood or stone for your linings and counter tops. What about the implementation of (GASP) a really futuristic shower fixture? From new, to old, to completely custom, Scott and Clay can find a way to get your dream bathroom renovation complete, and with results that exceed your preconceived design.

Utahn’s can now turn to Scott and Clay for any of their bathroom renovation ideas. And they are excited to see them to completion with you. They can provide just about any service, design, or new layout you can conceive. They can help your next bathroom renovation, whether you plan to upgrading a home, or buying a new property.

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