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The old saying goes: “the heartbeat of a party is always in the kitchen.” And it is this truth the holds a tremendous sway when considering your next home renovation. You don’t want to be the kitchen forgotten. You don’t settle for basic. You want to be memorable, impressionistic. You want the glow of the evening to follow them home. And it all starts with your presentation, in the kitchen. Your kitchen is the statement of your home. IKB Utah is one of the few home renovators for Kitchen and Bath helping to ensure that feeling, of holidays and tipsy-galas, to remain cemented into your home’s character.

However, the larger characteristic to consider with home renovations are two-fold: How and where? How can I accommodate all my unique needs; and where can I put them when we do? IKB Utah has the experience and the skill that allows for innovation and practicality. A kitchen is nothing without efficient space.

In addition to fantastic cabinetry work, and tile/countertops in the kitchen, IKB Utah takes on many other home renovations. Projects such as bathroom renovations, custom installations, stairwell banners, and more. There are no constraints to large enough for the IKB to tackle. No job too small, too large. You may be considering simply redesigning your front room’s shelving the fit in the last of your history book collection that’s still in storage. You may be surprised by the options available to you, leading to a more eye-appealing living space, and more efficient utilization of said space. You can view our gallery here.

It’s important to use IKB Utah’s free estimate that they currently offer. This is an invaluable tool to see how your kitchen can be rejuvenated. You can choose the design, style, and layout with respect to your current space. The cabinetry designs include“Traditional, Modern, and Craftsman” series styles. It’s up to you and your IKB estimator what option will best suit your needs. But despite what design scheme you wish to implement, you can be rest assured your design will be the place to be.

Located in Orem, Utah IKB Utah, owners Clay McNeel and Scott Linton have been leading home renovations in the Orem area (and beyond), with 25 years of combined experience, and a passion for design that lends to the pristine craftsmanship and detail they put into each project. Their goal is to “exceed your expectations,” whatever the renovation project may be.

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